AF’s Exclusive NEW General Manager Tournament

AF Tournaments LogoTOURNAMENTS – So you think you’re a good Fantasy Football Coach?  But what kind of General Manager would you make?  Associated Fantasy introduces a tournament to find out.  The Roster Barons Tournament will see just how good of a Fantasy GM you are.  Can you make the right personnel decisions to build your team while the season’s underway?  Can you navigate the Waiver Wire, manage an Auction Budget, select the right player to protect with your Franchise Tag? Can you Out-Trade the next guy, and bet on the right players to come out on top of those trades?  Can you avoid BYE Week troubles without a bench and be lucky enough to dodge the injury monster?  Guide your team to the front of a total points competition with both on-the-field fantasy scoring and a series of bonus points based on the roster you build.

Here’s How It Works

RB Logo8 teams will select 2 players – an offensive FLEX and a Team Defense – to start the season, and then with a limit of 1 Add per week, they will build the rest of their team as the season progresses in Weeks 1-7.  Along the way, the GMs will gain bonus points for posting consecutive head-to-head wins, bonus points for having the best performing player acquired in any week, bonus points for conducting trades, and even more bonus points for being the team that comes out on top of those trades.  In Week 8, GM’s must designate one of their players with the Franchise Tag to protect them, because the rest of their squad will be dumped back into Free Agency and the process will start again for Round 2

The twist in Round 2, though, is that now teams get 2 Adds per week and a Waiver Auction Budget with which to acquire players.  The Budget? That’s determined by each team’s Round 1 points – yes, being better than your competition is rewarded and the teams trying to come from behind have to work harder at it.  The bonus points keep coming, same as in Round 1, and now they’re even more important, because in Week 14, at the end of Round 2, the bottom 4 teams are eliminated.

Round 3 is the playoffs – still for total points, and still with all the bonuses.  Free Agency becomes a free-for-all as the settings switch to Open Free Agency / No Waivers and teams still don’t have a bench to rely on.  At the end of Week 17, only one GM will have climbed to the top of the mountain and managed his way to the highest Tournament Points Total, and that General Manager will enjoy the envy of all…..along with $200 bucks in prize money.

Think you’re up to it?  You can check out the full and complete rules at the Roster Barons Rules Page and you can sign-up on the form below.