Fantasy Addicts Launches Optional Buy In

FFAA LogoFANTASY ADDICTS –  As Associated Fantasy’s flagship league, Fantasy Football Addicts Anonymous, or Fantasy Addicts, often gets to play with all the shiny toys first.  Such is the case with the test program the league is running this season to have an optional paid entry and coresponding prize pool.   The way it will work, is that on a strictly optional basis, league teams can opt to pay a $35.00 entry fee at the start of the 2016 season, and the highest finishing team among those teams that participated will win the pot at the end of the year.  This prize pool will run concurrent with the league play-offs and Championship, but will be independent from them, so that only teams that opted in are elligible to win the prize money, regardless of who winds up with the league championship.

It’ll be winner-take-all among the participating teams, with the winner being named based on highest finish through the playoffs, or regular season if no participating teams make it to the show.  Tiebreakers, and full details have been codified into the League Rules, and Black Sheep and Houston Hostiles have already signed up.  If the set-up proves to be a success, AF has indicated that it could be expanded to other Association Leagues that are currently free entry, bringing the best of both worlds to other leagues.

Addicts After HoursFantasy Addicts has a long history of innovation, not the least of which is their summer league, Addicts After Hours, which makes fantasy football available through the off-season in a new and exciting format.  Participating teams draft an off-season team and compete in categories that include scoring for both positive and negative life events, like contract signings, arrests, celebrity appearances, and social media contraversies.  For teams in Addicts After Hours, the pre-season finally means something, as it’s used as the After Hours playoffs.  It’s a tight race so far this off-season with Apex Predators out in front, but the WhyNots right on their heels.

And just like the Addicts After Hours off season side league, Fantasy Addicts’ new optional buy-in is going to bring a whole new level of interest into Associated Fantasy’s most prestigious league.