AF Launches 16 Team Tournament

AF Tournaments LogoTOURNAMENTS – Associated Fantasy is happy to premier the largest tournament they’ve ever sponsored, premiering (appropriately enough) for the 2016 Season is the 16×16 Knock-Out Tournament.  For an entry fee of just $16.00, teams can get a shot at the $200.00 Champion Pay-Out.  Not only that, but 2nd will win $100.00 and 3rd and 4th each take home $50.00 bucks.  Like most AF offerings, the Tournament has a few twists and turns.  First, teams will get to choose their own draft position!  That’s right, by anteing-up on their entry fees with their draft ante, teams can choose exactly where they want to be placed in the live, online draft being held on Wednesday August 31, at 9:00pm EDT.

Draft Ante - Horizontal

When the Tournament begins, Weeks 1-3 are for total points with wide-open free agency as the tournament teams fine-tune their squads.  The fun really begins in Week 4, where all 16 teams will be seeded into the bracket based on their total points in Weeks 1-6 – it’ll be #1 vs #16, #2 vs #15, and so on.  Each stage of the bracket is for 3 weeks, with each match-up being a best 2 out of 3 series where losing twice means you’re done.  Eliminated.  Knocked-Out.  Once the bracket is seeded, free agency is switched to revolving waivers – with initial waiver order based on inverse order of seeding – with free agency only being open a week at a time in the days prior to the start of each match-up series.  With AF Classic roster settings and a small bench, managing your personel will be key to avoid being eliminated from the tournament; make it to the end, and you’ll make it to the payday.  Here are the links to the Tournament Rules Page and the Tournament Bracket, and if you’re ready to sign-up now, you can use the form below, spots are sure to go fast!