IFFL to WFL: “Our Cheerleaders Are Hotter”

IFFL – The League rivalry between the older, established World Fantasy League (WFL) and the upstart International Fantasy Football League is reminiscent of the 1960’s rivalry between the competing NFL and AFL prior to the merger is a constant source of spectator entertainment.  In the latest salvo of the rivalry, the IFFL has responded to the WFL’s review of last season, THE WORLD LEAGUE CHEERLEADERS PRESENT: 2015, A LOOK BACK, in which the WFL posted a slide show of WFL cheerleaders from 2015 by posting their own collection of photos.  To make sure the rival WFL knew it was directed right at them, the IFFL PR office titled it “IFFL 2015: Our Cheerleaders Are Hotter”.  For your viewing pleasure, we’ve attached the press release below, and leave it to you to be the judge.


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