Registration Now Open

Untitled2AF – Associated Fantasy is happy to announce the latest expansion of the site.  You can now register as an AF Coach by going to the AF Coach’s Registry page, and once registered, you can register each of your teams on the Team Registry.

If you play in AF Leagues or Tournaments, it’s not required that you register as a coach – you can continue to be a member of your league as you have been, but there are huge benefits to registering.  First, by registering as an AF Coach, you lock up your AF Username so that nobody else will ever be able to use the name you choose.  Also, registering as an AF Coach allows you to register each of your teams in the Teams’ Registry which will lock up their teamnames and logos as well.  Registered AF Coaches get first option when league and tournament openings become available, and they get bumped up the waiting lists to get into AF leagues; the Association also has plans for exclusive leagues and tournaments open only to registered coaches.  AF Registered Coaches also will appear in the AF Coach’s Directory where all registered coaches will be ranked by their lifetime AF win percentage, and if your team is registered, it qualifies for placement on the AF Team Directory which will rank all Associated Fantasy teams by their lifetime win percentage so you can see how your team ranks against your peers? So what are you waiting for?  Go to the Coach’s Registry today – it’ll only take a few minutes – and register as an AF Coach; register your teams and see how they stack up to the competition.

Sample Coach’s Card:

Coach Card Sample