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AF Masthead 2.5.2AF – Associated Fantasy is now on Facebook, so you’re never far from finding all the latests posts, information, and updates on your favorite AF Leagues or Teams.  Visit, and LIKE our page and you won’t miss out on any of the action; keep track of League openings, new Tournaments, and the latest AF Top 25 results.

It’s also the perfect place to connect with other AF Coaches. Since Associated Fantasy was founded as a community of like-minded fantasy players; as a way to carry rivalries and competion across league boundaries; as an association of fantasy coaches that want to set out to dominate not just one league, but an entire Association of them, our new Facebook Page will be the perfect platform to relive battles and talk some smack.  It’s also you’re off-season home for discussing all things fantasy as we count down to another exciting football season.

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