Fantasy Addicts 2015 – The Year In Pictures

FANTASY ADDICTS – As AF’s flagship league prepares for 2016, let’s take a look back at last year’s excitement.

Season 4: Escape From Rehab


If you’re ready for a padded room after months of nothing but football-less bbq’s and NFL Network reruns, and (scariest of all) nothing to watch but….baseball (the horror!), get ready to make a break for it, the thrill that feeds our addiction is almost here. Our draft – as always – will be on Football Eve as the Fantasy Football Addicts Anonymous League Celebrates Season 4: The Escape From Rehab Season

2015 Draft

week 1 splash - Finally here

Everyone can enjoy being undefeated for just a few more days

Week 1: Messin’ With Texas

2015 wk 1

Black Sheep open season in first overall; defending Champs in last

Week 2: Most Interesting Team In The World

2015 wk 2

On The Rox moves into first overall…monkeys take high score of the week

Week 3: Super Villain

orange lantern

Orange Lantern Corp moves into first place at 3-0. Rox in second, still 3-0

Week 4: A Toast To UNDEFEATED


On The Rox advances to 4-0 as the last undefeated team in the league as Orange Lantern Corp falls to the WhyNots. Apex Predators and the Houston Hostiles remain winless.

Week 5: 12 Straight

On The Rox 12 Straight

On The Rox sets a League regular season win streak record of 12 consecutive wins, beating their own previous league record of 11 wins from 2012. They remain in first with The Great Khalil right on their heels; Houston and the Predators remain winless.

Week 6: Why Not have one On The Rocks?

jaxsondeville (1)

The WhyNots end On The Rox’s win-streak at 12 (still a #1 record), in a very close game that could still be overturned by stat corrections. If the loss stands, The Great Khalil will move into first overall. Houston gets their first win at the expense of the still winless Apex Predators.

Week 7: Ain’t Got Time To Lose

Apex Predators

The Apex Predators are no longer winless after blowing out Orange’s Lantern 250-209. TGK and Rox both won, staying neck and neck in 1st and 2nd; Black Sheep and the Y-nots both stumble, giving the monkeys and Pats help in gaining in the standings.

Week 8: Monkey-O’-Lantern

sockmonkey jackolantern

monkeys on ecstacy move into 3rd overall with the high score of the week, beating black sheep 384-238 Rox and TGK both win stayiong at #1 and #2. Apex Predators get second win.

Week 9: Cheers To First Place

Cheers to First PLace

On The Rox finishes the round robin portion of the regular season, sittin in first overall at 8-1. As a reward, they draw the #2 TGK (7-2) for the first week of the ladder. Rox came out on top when the two met in Week 1.

Week 10: On The Lookout For First


On The Rox remains in first place with a two game lead, but the monkeys are climbing the ladder, passing TGK who falls to third place. Don’t forget, playoffs begin week 14, with the first, second, and third place teams receiving a slot, with the wild card slot going to the highest scoring team among the remaining 7. If playoffs were to start this week, the teams to get in would be Rox, monkeys, TGK, and Black Sheep who have about a 40 point points lead on the Y-Nots for the season.

Week 11: Old Rivals


monkeys on ecstacy beats On The Rox 252-191 in Rox’s lowest scoring outing of the season. Because of ladder scheduling, the two rivals will face off again in week 12 with the #1 seed up for grabs. #4 Black Sheep gets a shot at #3 TGK.

Week 12: 3’s A Charm

3 monkeys

Utilizing the ladder scheduling, monkeys on ecstacy have propelled themselves into first overall after a second consecutive win vs On The Rox. Because of the ladder schedule, they will face each other once more in week 13, giving Rox a chance to retake first place. TGK will play a rematch with the Sheep. The WhyNots are within reach of either a top 3 or wildcard playoff spot

Week 13: Monkeys Iced

Rox Finishes On Top

On The Rox survived the third meeting in a row against arch rival monkeys on ecstacy to emarge from the regular season as Ladder Champion. They will face the #3 seed The Great Khalil in round 1 of the Addicts Playoffs. Left shaken, but not stirred, the monkeys fall to the #2 seed and will play the Points Wild Card Black Sheep who beat out the WhyNots for the points slot by just 10 points on the season.

Week 14-15: Semifinals

wEEK 14-15 sEMI fINALS

At the mid-point break of the semi-finals, Rox trails The Great Khalil 299-308 in a close one, while monkeys on ecstacy have pulled out to a massive lead in the 384-265 match with Black Sheep



king kong vs godzilla

The Most COLOSSAL Spectacle of Our Time! Thrilling Action! Titanic Violence! Terror Unending! Lock up the women and children and put the dog to bed, it’s time for the War to end all Wars; the Battle of the Century; the Prize-Fight of TITANS, as On The Rox meets monkeys on ecstasy in the Fantasy Addicts Championship!!!


monkeys on ecstacy broke the 400 barrier in the first half of their championship game vs On The Rox. It’s the first time the 400 mark has been passed since week 9 of last season when the monkeys beat Houston 406-152. On the Rox must overcome a 126 point deficit to make a comeback in week 17.

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king kong vs godzilla - banner

2015 CHAMPION: monkeys on ecstasy

monkey champs

monkeys on ecstacy win 10 of their last 12 games, capping it with a victory in the Fantasy Addicts Championship to take the title of Biggest Addict for the second time in the league’s 4 year history.

Monkey Business

Defeating their biggest competitive rival, On The Rox, with a 683-558 score in the championship, monkeys on ecstacy won their second Fantasy Addicts Championship.

monkeys on ecstacyFinishing the round robin portion of the FA schedule with a 6-3 record, the monkeys went on to win 3 of their next 4 in ladder scheduling, winning 2 out of 3 vs On The Rox to climb into second place and position themselves for the playoff run.  They destroyed Black Sheep 712-516 in the two-week semifinal round to advance to the championship match-up.   In the first half, Rox took an initial 19-0 lead on Thursday night, riding RB Latavius Murray (79 Rsh Yds, 38 Rec Yds, 1 TD), but the monkeys shot out of the gate on Sunday, led by Drew Brees (412 passing yards, 3 TDs) with 51 points, and 36 points from the Cardinals defense (8 points, 9 sacks, 1 interception, 3 fumbles, and 2 defensive TDs) to post a whopping 399 point lead to On The Rox’s 275 at the break.  The second half of the match-up, in week 17, was much more competitve, with the pair of heavyweights going punch for punch with each other to post nearly identical totals of 284-283, not enough for a Rox comeback.

It’s the second Fantasy Addicts championship for the monkeys.  In 2012, they just made the playoffs as the 6th seeded wildcard, but sailed into the championship win as the Cinderella team in a playoff bracket where On The Rox lost in an unexpected upset before the teams met.  The two of them hold most of the league’s scoring records, and are perrenially a good bet to be dominant.  Both of them have been named 2015 AF Pro Bowl nominees, and after the championship win, monkeys now lead the all-time series between them 5 games to 4.

2015 CHAMP