2016 Pro Bowl Starters

2015 voting results

2015 Pro Bowl Voting

AF PRO BOWL – You voted, we counted.  A total of 90 teams from all Associated Fantasy leagues were eligible to cast a ballot with 3 votes per ballot, however only 25 teams submitted a completed ballot, for a total of 75 votes (including 2 write-in votes for the Los Angeles Dragonsof the World League).  The vote totals are arranged at right with all ties in the number of  votes received arranged in the order of the teams’ end-of-season VsL% (which is the tiebreaker for votes received).  If any of the elected Starters decline their invitation for the 2016 Pro Bowl Tournament, Alternate Teams will be extended an invitation for the declining team(s)’s slot in the order posted above.

2016 Pro Bowl


2016 Starters

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