Battle Ribbons: Season Awards Issued in Legion of Defense

LoD League LogoLoD – The 2015 Season Awards have been issued in the Legion of Defense, and, not surprisingly, the honors were virtually monopolized by Legion Champion Public Enemy.  Posting a 13-3-1 record, winning the Pro Division and adding a 2-1-0 line in the Championship Tournament before demolishing Sacks Fifth Avenue 105-31 in Legion Bowl III.  The Enemies compiled a VsL % of .820 (100-32-0 [56-3-0]) to be named the #1 AF team of 2015 of 90 qualifying teams.

2015 Total Sacks

*IDP totals (TEAM DEF sacks not tracked)

2015 Total Interceptions

*IDP totals, (TEAM DEF interceptions not tracked)

After having been named Defense of the Week on 4 occasions this season – the most in the legion – Public Enemy crowned their Golden Skull Award (league championship trophy) with Defense of the Year honors for the most outstanding defensive performance of the season.  They also took the awards for Legion Sack Leader and Legion Interception Leader.  Both of these categories track IDP stats only (sacks and INTs by the starting TEAM DEF are not counted toward the total), and in both categories Public Enemy set the pace.  They broke the legion record, recording 6 IDP sacks in week 2, then broke that in week 7 with 6.5 (they matched their previous record of 6 in week 10, as well).  In the week 17 Legion Bowl they broke their record again, posting an incredible 8 IDP sacks.  The single game record for IDP interceptions in a single game is 5, which they did not break, but on two seperate instances – week 4 and week 15 – they posted 4 IDP interceptions apiece and finished the season with at least twice as many IDP interceptions as every other team in the league except for Sacks Fifth Avenue.

2015 Total FF-FR

*IDP totals (TEAM DEF FF/FR stats not tracked)

2015 Total Defensive Scoring

Total on-field points scored, IDP and TEAM DEF (TD = 7, SAF = 2, Conv Rtn = 2)

Battering Rams stepped up to prevent the Enemies from sweeping all categories in 2015, taking the award for Legion Fumble Leader.  The Fumble leader category also counts only IDP stats, combining total recorded fumbles forced AND fumbles recovered.   The Battering Rams were the 2015 Premier Division Wild Card team, but did not advance to the Championship Tournament.  They did make it all the way to the final round of the Play-In Tournament, but their road ended there.  They recorded a total of 25 fumbles either forced or recovered on the year, posting 5 of them in week 11, falling just one short of tying the Legion single game record.

In the final award category, it was once again Public Enemy that took home the brass.  The Defensive Scoring Award is given to the team posting the most on-the-field defensive points by IDP and Team Defenses combined.  As opposed to fantasy points scored by the Legion team, defensive scoring tracks touchdowns (7 points), safeties (2 points), and returned conversions (2 points) scored by a team’s starters.  Having led the Legion for most of the season, Sacks Fifth Avenue appeared to have a lock on this Award with a total of 51 points when they scored their last defensive touchdown in week 12, but Public Enemy surged at the end, scoring 30 points over the final 3 weeks.  Among those 30 points was a 21 point week 15 outing which secured for them another single game Legion record – this one tieing the record set by Orange Crush in 2012.  Their season total of 72 defensive points also set a new benchmark, blowing away the previous season record of 54 defensive points that had stood since 2011 when DOOMSDAY first set it.

Public Enemy will anchor the 2016 Premier Division where they will be joined by their Championship Tournament rivals Sacks Fifth Avenue, jlm loves defense, and Panther on the prowl.