Fantasy Addicts Launches Addicts After Hours

FFAA LogoFANTASY ADDICTS – AF’s flagship league, Fantasy Football Addicts Anonymous, announced this week the launching of Addicts After Hours.  Borrowing from the concept of ‘celebrity fantasy’ gaming, Addicts After Hours establishes a way for the fantasy season to extend year round for the hard-core fantasy football addict.

The Fantasy Addicts league was originally founded late in the 2012 ff draft season, chasing the desire for “just one more draft…”; a home for teams that were done with their drafting in other leagues, but needed just one last fix of the excitement of a fantasy draft before the season began.  Drafting anually, late on the Wednesday night before each season’s opening Thursday, it has provided just that, becoming an event not to be missed as some of the strongest AF coaches go up against each other in a head-spinning 32 round offensive and defensive draft-fest.  Hoping to fill a similar void, where fantasy coaches wish they just had something to gnaw on to hold them over to the next season, Addicts After Hours steps in with a game that spans the wasteland of the offseason, the draft, free agency, training camp, and even the NFL preseason.Addicts After Hours

Featuring a scoring system that awards points to teams’ players based on offseason career events (trades and contract signings), personal milestones (marriage and endorsement deals), and of course, of the field mischief (an NFL player in trouble with the law? Never),  the concept opens up a whole new section of the calender to our obsession.  While only open to teams from the Fantasy Addicts league at the start,  After Hours will also serve as a pilot season for possibly expanding off-season fantasy football to all AF coaches.  You can learn more about the concept and format, including a full list of scoring rules, here.