2015 All-Conference Teams Named in WFL

WFL LogoWORLD LEAGUE – The 2015 All-Conference Teams have been named in the World Fantasy League, with all of the league teams contributing players except for the Barcelona Dragons.

The All-Conference teams are selected by grading out player scores by positions, and then filling a roster – using league roster guidelines – to form the statistically best roster that can be made up of all the players from the teams within each respective conference.  The number of players that make it onto the All-Conference teams is also one of the components used in determining the annual League MVT Award.  On the 2015 list, Jerusalem and Scandinavia, in the East; and New Orleans in the West tied for the most players being named all-stars with 5 a piece when counting both 1st and 2nd team players.  Narrowed down to only the starters, Jerusalem and London each have 3 players honored while no team from the Western Conference has more than two.  By season scoring totals, the Eastern Conference had a slight 74.47 point advantage.

2015 Eastern All Conference Team2015 Western All Conference Team