Points Race Finish

Tournaments –  The checkered flags are out in the Points Race Tournaments, and crossing the finish line is Fidelio in the Points Race – Invitational, and the Mighty Pats in the Points Race – Open.

FidelioFidelio finishes the season with 2418.11 total points, putting them 109.59 points ahead of the 2nd place Sock Monkeys.  That puts them at #4 on the tournament’s all-time total points list, and of course means they’ll be back for next season to defend their championship.  The tournament will reset next season, with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last place teams – Fidelio, Sock Monkeys, WATTch Me JJ, and Luniz – receiving automatic re-entry.

NFL-new-england-patriots-220x220_05In the Open, the Mighty Pats win it all, finishing the race with a final points total of 2477.93, an incredible 148.81 points ahead of second place Liepzig Venom.  Not only was their points total enough to take the tournament championship, but it sets a new record as the new #1 on the all-time PR-O total points list.  As PR-O champ, the Mighty Pats will receive an automatic bid for 2016’s Points Race  – Invitational where they’ll be competing with Fidelio, Sock Monkeys, WATTch Me JJ (last season’s PR-O champ, playing as the Sultans of sWATT), and Luniz, along with 5 other teams who’ll receive their invitations based on their team’s 2015 performance in an AF league.

The PR-O tournament will reset next season, as well, but any 2015 PR-I or PR-O team that wishes to enter, will have first option to sign up before they are opened to the public.  Keep an eye out for entry announcements this off-season if you’d like to fill a slot.

PR-I trophy 2015

PR-O trophy 2015