28 Champions

LEAGUES28 – Overcoming the team that seemed to be their kryptonite, DashNSMASH closed out the League Twenty-8 Championship Series with back-to-back wins vs RVA Dead Guys to win the League Championship.

AF Pro Bowl nominee DashNSMASH, opened their 2015 season with a loss to defending champ, Anytime, Baby in Week 1, but then went on to handily beat every other team in the league….twice through the double round robin, handing out defeats like they were bubblegum, and posting VsL numbers of 7-0 or 6-1 in most weeks.  The dominance propelled them to the top of the AF Top 25 where they never ranked outside of the top 3 in almost every edition of the list all season.  But there was one team that seemed to have their number; one team that was like kryptonite to them.

RVA Dead Guys beat DashNSMASH both times they met in the double round robin league schedule, first, 232-196 in Week 6, and then 273-189 in Week 13.  It was the only 2 times through the regular season that Dash failed to score at least 200 points.  The Championship Series opened between the two of them in Week 15, and once again DashNSMASH failed to reach the 200 point mark, losing Game 1 to their nemesis 175-290, to fall behind in the series.

In Game 2, though, DashNSMASH came out of the gate swinging, led by Drew Brees (37 points), Kirk Cousins (44 points),  and the Cardinals defense (47 points), they went blow for blow with the Dead Guys, eventually pounding them into submission in the high scoring 284-264 affair.  In Game 3, RVA’s roster fell apart with players scoring zeros and negatives and single-digit point totals on their way to their second lowest outing of the season.  Dash won 232-167, winning the series and claiming the League 28 Championship.

In 2016, League28 will be converting to a money league, and the league champion will take home $1000 in prize money.

2015 championship series