Fantasy Circus 2015 Ringmaster

jaggerCIRCUS – Finishing out the Championship Round of AF’s Fantasy Circus with a record of 2-1-0, 130.40, jagger have been named the 2015 RingmasterFantasy Circus League Champion.

Going into the final week of competition, jagger had the inside track for the championship, with a 2-0 week 16 record and a head-to-head Round 3 victory over rival Pigs Island Dawgs.  Despite posting just 10.30 points in the season closer against jolly joe, by far their lowest score all season, suffering their second loss, that head-to-head vs Pigs Island secured the championship.  Pigs Island finished the season with a 60.70-32.80 victory over The schoolgirl U lost to, holding onto second overall in the final standings.

Capping an impressive season, jagger finished with a 15-2 total record, with 688.40 total points, despite having had to fend Pigs Island off all season, suffering one of their sole two losses to the Dawgs.  Both teams are AF Pro Bowl Tournament nominees.  Pigs Island posted their second highest weekly score of the season in their finale.  As reigning champion, Ringmaster jagger will have the oportunity at the start of the 2016 season to assign which teams are placed into which of the two groups that open up the field of 16 teams, and also will be allowed to generate the nomination order teams are placed in for the 2016 auction draft.

2015 champion