Satisfaction – Jagger Licks Pigs Island 46-17

jaggerFantasy Circus – The league’s top two teams, both of them AF Pro Bowl nominees, met in Week 16 with Pigs Island Dawgs (1-1-0, 110.80 – Round 3; 10-6, 679.70 – overall) going up against jagger (2-0-0, 120.10 – Round 3; 15-1, 681.10 – overall). Both teams are coming off wins last week, as Pigs Island Dawgs beat jolly joe 91.00 to 34.10 and jagger buried The schoolgirl U lost to, 74.00 to 28.80 to open Round 3 of the 2015 Circus. Week 11, in Round 2, was the last time the teams met, when Pigs Island Dawgs beat jagger, 36.40 to 12.90 giving them there single loss of the season.  The teams also met in Round 1, and jagger took that one in a close 38.00-35.40 finish, giving the rivals an even 1-1 record head-to-head with each other.

The final round of the Circus, weeks 15, 16, and 17, features the top four teams, whittled down from 16, playing in a round robin for the league title.  A win by either team would prove to be of vital importance, as this match featured arguably the two top teams in the league, both coming into the match 1-0 in the final round, making the winner the most likely ultimate winner of the final round.  With an expected margin of victory of 18.00 points, the early projections had this one as an easy win for Pigs Island Dawgs.

The projections proved to be way off, as this epic battle got underway, and when the dust had settled,  jagger had blasted Pigs Island Dawgs 46.10 to 17.80.  Led by DeAngelo Williams (100 Rsh Yds, 53 Rec Yds, 2 TD), who recorded the highest score this week (20.20), and David Johnson (7.60 points),  jagger remains undefeated in the championship round.  With Williams as the top scorer for jagger, it means a different player has led the team in each of the last four weeks. With 15.20 points, Tom Brady paced the squad in Week 13, while Lamar Miller (13.00 points) was tops in Week 14 and David Johnson (24.80 points) last week.

The win over their strongest competitor, all but seals the league title for jagger.  In the final week of the Circus, jagger controls things, and will win the Championship with a week 17 win over jolly joe…BUT….Pigs Island can steal the title with a win (vs The schoolgirl U lost to) AND a jagger loss AND by outscoring jagger by 9.4 points or more…OR…jolly joe still has a longshot chance for the championship with a win over jagger AND a massive influx of points. Schoolgirl is only playing for spoiler rights. Good luck all.

round 3 standings - week 2 (16)