Fantasy Pro Bowl Voting

It’s not too late to cast your vote for the AF Fantasy Pro Bowl Tournament!!!

You can use the ballot below to vote

The Nominees have been selected and voting is now open for the 2015 selectees to the 2016 AF Pro Bowl Tournament.  15 teams from AF Leagues have been selected as nominees, and each AF team can vote for 3 of them, with the top 6 being extended invitations to the Tournament.  Your 2015 AF Pro Bowl nominees are:

1 Eye Til I Die, Arizona Firebirds, Birds of Prey, DashNSMASH, Ice Cold Bruschis, jagger, Mexico City Warriors, monkeys on ecstacy, New Orleans Black Hats, On The Rox, Pigs Island Dawgs, Public Enemy, Sock Bandits, The Great Khalil, and Venice Killerwhales

The tournament will feature AF Classic rosters coupled with AF Milestone scoring which should increase the difficulty level, and teams will opperate with only a bench of 2 and a limit of just 5 transactions for the tournament.  There’s also the added twist of teams having the opportunity to be able to bring players from their team’s 2015 All Pro season to their tournament team.  You can vote for your favorite fantasy teams below.  Every team from an AF League can submit a ballot on which they’re able to vote for 3 different nominees, so owners with multiple teams receive a vote for each of their teams.  You can learn more about the 2015 nominees here.

The following teams have cast their Fantasy Pro Bowl ballots:

Anytime Baby, Arizona Firebirds, Black Sheep, Cardiff Crusaders,  Chinese Bandits, Florida Jesters, Little Rock Radio Flyers, Los Angeles Dragons, Los Angeles Super Chargers, New Orleans Acadians, New Orleans Black Hats, New Orleans VooDoo, Miami Pirates, Motor City Kitties, On The Rox, Orange Lantern Corps,  SF’s BowMen, Sock Bandits, The schoolgirl U lost to, Venice Killerwhales, WhyNots

If your team does not appear on this list, that team is elligible to submit the ballot below.  Remember, each team gets to submit one ballot with three votes per ballot.


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