World Bowl 4 To Feature Los Angeles and London

LONDON FALLINGWorld League – Winners of  World Bowl 1, the 2015 Eastern Conference Champion London Falling (7-6-0 (2-0), 1452.89) is back for their second visit to the World Bowl, facing off against the Western Conference Champion Los Angeles Dragons (7-6-0 (2-0), 1491.33) in World Bowl 4.  London narrowly defeated the defending champion Jerusalem Cheeseheads in the conference finals 90.52-87.70     London picked up 20.28 points from Blake Bortles (297 Pas Yds, 44 Rsh Yds, 1 Pas TD/1 Int, 1 Rsh TD) and 16.87 from Julio Jones (118 Rec Yds, 1 TD), edging Jerusalem by a margin of 2.82 points.  The Falling snaps their streak of postseason futility against Jerusalem, having been knocked out of the playoffs by the Cheeseheads in both 2013 and 2014.

la dragonsIn the Western Conference Championship,  the Los Angeles Dragons snatched a win from the favored Buenos Aires Blue Dogs 131.84 to 103.96   Led by David Johnson for 42.50 points in the 27.88-point victory. He scored three touchdowns as part of his huge game (187 Rsh Yds, 42 Rec Yds, 3 TD). He also recorded the fourth-highest point total in the league this season.  In Los Angeles, several players have been heating up in the postseason, including Johnson and Golden Tate. During the playoffs, that duo has outperformed their season scoring averages by 262% and 201%, respectively.

World Bowl 4 features a matchup of two very similar teams, seperated by a margin of less than 10 total points on the regular season.  Los Angeles has a 12.95-point advantage in the early projections, 103.37 – 90.42, and looking at scoring in the postseason, Los Angeles has that advantage also.  They’ve put up 122.44 points per game, compared to 99.75 points per game for London.  Los Angeles starts Jordan Reed (8.13 projected points) and Derek Carr (12.24 projected points) in the Thursday and Saturday games, while London starts Malcom Floyd (0.00 projected points).  Although the favored team, the Dragons might have a rough time, as they have played London twice before, and have never beaten them, while the Falling has never lost a playoff game to a team not from Jerusalem.