Final Eliminations In Points Race Tournaments

Points Race Tournaments – Thanks to a double elimination scheduled in both the Invitational and the Open because of statutory ties in week 14, four teams ended their season.  In the PR-I, WATTchMe JJ, last year’s PR-O winner, was eliminated with a 3rd place finish of 1844.01 points, while the Oklahoma Tarantulas finish in 4th with a points total of 1841.76  By Tournament rule, both teams will be invited back to the PR-I next season based on their 3rd and 4th place finish.  In the Open, the whistle blew for the Thunderbolt Grease Slappers and Donkey Punch who finish the season with 1807.68 and 1809.85 pts, respectively.

Now there’s a two week sprint to the finish for the two teams that remain in each league.  In the PR-I, Sock Monkeys trail Fidelio 131.62 points, and in the PR-O, it’s the Liepzig Venom who trail the Mighty Pats by 74.95 pts.  Both of those defecits are well within reach, as a FLEX 5 position has been added, and the final two teams in each tournament now have all of the players.  Good luck gentlemen.