League28 Championship

LEAGUESLeague28 – The regular season comes to a close in week 14 for League 28 and the stage is set for the 2015 Championship Series.  League28 veteran RVA Dead Guys (10-4-0, 2968 pts) will enter fantasy gridiron battle with regular season standings champion DashNSMASH (11-3-0, 3156 pts) in a best of 3 series in weeks 15, 16, and 17 for the League 28 title.

Pro Bowl nominee DashNSMASH dominated the league from early in the season, being ranked no lower than #3 on every AF Top 25 until week 13.  The one team they have not been able to beat, they must face for the title.    RVA Dead Guys remain unbeaten against DashNSMASH this season at 2-0, including a 273.00 to 189.00 victory the last time the teams met in Week 13.   DashNSMASH is the highest-scoring team in the league, averaging 225.43 points per game, while RVA Dead Guys is right behind them, averaging 212.00.  The Dead Guys came up just a tiebreaker short of making it into the 2014 championships
Each team has several starters on the field in the Thursday and Saturday games. RVA Dead Guys has four: Jared Cook (4.00 projected points), the St. Louis Rams DEF (15.00 projected points), and two others, while DashNSMASH goes with Brandon Marshall (14.00 projected points), Jason Witten (15.00 projected points), and Doug Martin (13.00 projected points).
This year’s championship series will mark the final year League28 operates as a free league. In 2016 the league will debut a $128 entry / $1000 1st place payout format.  You can reserve your spot below, and next season, you’ll have a 1 in 4 chance of being in these teams’ positions: playing 2 out of 3 for an easy grand.
2015 championship series