Final Act

jaggerFantasy CircusRound 2 of AF’s Fantasy Circus finished in week 14 with an expected conclusion, with 3 of the 4 seeds having already been mathematically clinched going into the week.  Finishing with their 11th win of the tournament, Pro Bowl nominee jagger takes the #1 slot in the final round with a 6-1 Round 2 record.  The League’s other Pro Bowl nominated team, Pigs Island Dawgs suffered an upset loss to The schoolgirl U lost to, dropping from 1st down to 3rd as jolly joe gathered a win and continued their run of high scores to pull ahead of the Dawgs by 3.1 round points.  Eliminated were Bears, Cintoral Piercings, Casablanca, and LaRenarde.

Players from the rosters of the four eliminated teams will be available on waivers this week to the four advancing teams.  The final round is a single round robin schedule in which the four remaining teams – jagger, jolly joe, Pigs Island Dawgs, and The schoolgirl U lost to – will each play each other once.  The schedule is ‘seeded’ by order of Round 2 finish.  In week 15, #1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3; in week 16, #1 plays #3 and #2 plays #4; and in week 17, #1 plays #2 and #3 plays #4.  The winner of the round will be named 2015 Ringmaster.

In week 15, The schoolgirl U lost to must face jagger who they lost to in week 13 by 10 points.  Pigs Island draws jolly joe who they suffered their worst loss of the season against in week 12.  These playoffs are not exactly win or go home, but the two teams that start off the first week with a win will have a massive advantage.

round 3 marquee