Enter The Dragons

la dragonsWFL – The Los Angeles Dragons advance to the Western Conference Championship after their 113-64 win over City of Champions.  They will face the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs in week 15 for the Conference crown.

The Dragons went up early in the match, their 3 Thursday starters scoring a combined 25 points, including 11 a piece for runningbacks David Johnson and Adrian Peterson.  City of Champions stayed in the game with 11 points from only one player, WR John Brown who had 78 yards and a TD.  That turned out to be the high point of City of Champions’ roster as no other of his skill position players outside of quarterback scored a TD or turned in more than 4 points, adding less than 200 yards of combined rushing and receiving yardage.
Los Angeles lit up the scoreboard by contrast, scoring 7 touchdowns,  with 2 more at quarterback, and having 5 players outside of quarterback score in the double didgets.  Led by Jordan Reed’s 120 yards receiving and a touchdown, the Dragons amassed 251 yards rushing and 389 receiving.
For good measure, their defense gave up only 126 yards, contributing 2 forced fumbles and 3 sacks for 17 points.  Their Bronco defense is number one in the league, which should come in handy in the Conference finals next week facing off against the Blue Dogs who are the league #2 in total points, averaging 100 points per game this season.

The Dragons cheerleaders, The L.A. Dolls