1st Place Tie On Week 13 AF Top 25

AF Top 25AF – The Week 13 Top 25 rankings have been released with a first ever tie at 1st overall.  The Sock Bandits from AF’s Fantasy Circus have sat alone in the top spot since week 10 with a .780 VsL%.  In the latest rankings, the New Orleans Black Hats move into a tie with their own .780 VsL win percentage.  The Black Hats are currently also tied, 1-1 in  the three game Western League Championship Series in the Dixie League, the playoff win helping to boost their ranking.  Both teams are AF Pro Bowl nominees.

The VsL%, or Vs League win percentage, is the calculation used to rank AF teams on the Top 25.  It determines what a team’s overall record would be if they played every other team in their league each week, and then divides a win percentage from it.  Playoff wins and byes count as 2 wins in the calculations, while playoff losses do not factor, giving playoff teams the ability to boost their number in the rankings.

AF Pro Bowl nominee Public Enemy, of the Legion of Defense, remains in 3rd overall for the second consecutive week, but gained ground on number 1, raising their VsL% from .760 to .770 on thePigs Island strength of their week 13 as LoD Pro Division Champion.  League28‘s DashNSMASH, also a Pro Bowl nominee, who still has one week of regular season to go, saw their VsL% dip from .770 to .740, dropping them from 2nd to 4th, out of the top 3 for the first time all season.

Debuting in the top 5 are the Pigs Island Dawgs, still another nominee for AF’s Fantasy Pro Bowl (every AF team may submit 1 ballot, if you have not submitted a ballot yet, you can vote here).  The current Fantasy Circus leader with still one week left to go before their playoff tournament, the Dawgs check in at #5 with a .710 VsL percentage.


You can view the full list under the “AF Top 25” tab or, just click hear.