How The West Was Won

Cardinal altSuper-16 – The Arizona Firebirds 10-3-0 (5-1-0) posted a week 13 win, sweeping the 2015 series with division foe Los Angeles to clinch the #2 seed and win their division for the second time in franchise history.  They finish just a half a game ahead of 1 Eye Til I Die 9-3-1 (3-2-1) who’ve been chasing them for the Western title all season.  In the end, the week 7 tie between 1 Eye and Los Angeles, made all the difference.  With their week 13 victory, 1 Eye will have to settle for the #5 seed as a playoff Wild Card.

Birds of Prey  11-2-0 (6-0-0) suffer a defeat in their finale, but still retain control of the #1 seed and a first round bye.
The Ice Cold Bruschis finish their season with a dissappointing loss to The Eagle has Landed.  The loss, coupled with the Arizona win drops the Bruschis down to the #3 seed and gives the Firebirds the #2 seed and a first round bye.  The Bruschis started the season with a record setting 8 game win-streak, but are now in the midst of a 3 game slide.
Motor City Kitties has the #4 seed, a week 13 win ending their season with a 9-4-0 (6-0-0) record – tied with Bruschis, but behind them in points.
The race for the last Wild Card spot came down to the Northern ‘Fins and BowMen.  BowMen won their season finale; the ‘Fins did not, with karma and a kicker playing spoiler.  BowMen will take the #6 seed.
It’s been a fantastic regular season, playoffs should be just as exciting.