Legion of Defense Wild Card

LoD logo sans shieldIn the Legion of Defense, the playoffs have arrived, with the round 1/week 13 Wild Card Game.   It should be an exciting match-up as the Premier Division Wild Card, Battering Rams take on the League Wild Card, jlm loves defense.  The Battering Rams are 6-5-1, having secured their playoff berth with a week 12 finale win over Chinese Bandits, while jlm’s week 12 loss to the Cheifs cost them the Reserve Division slot in the Championship Tournament.  Despite their uneven records, the two teams are quite closely matched, as the Rams have scored 551 points on the season, and jlm’s points total stands at 553.

All other LoD teams have a week 13 bye.  Both the Championship Tournament and the Play-in Bracket will kick off in week 14.  The other 3 teams in the Championship are Sacks Fifth Avenue, Public Enemy, and Panther on the prowl, and once the Wild Card winner joins them, the four teams will play a single round robin tournament in weeks 14-16, with the top two facing off in the Week 17 league championship.  The top three finishing teams of the championship will receive automatic entry into the 2016 Premier Division, while the last place team must play the winner of the Play-In Bracket in the Week 17 Premier Bowl for the fourth slot in the flagship division.

2015 CT group