Wonder Stunner!

In week 12 in the IFFL, the Greek wonder slaughtered the Killerwhales 295-106 in the highest scoring performance in league history.  Venice can still secure there spot in the East Division Finals with a Week 13 win vs Perth OR with a loss AND staying ahead in total points of the Cardiff – NGC game.  The win puts Greece in the driver’s seat for the playoffs.  With a win in week 13 vs the Claymores, Greece would secure their own seat in the  Finals.  Ironically, if Scotland wins, they will leapfrog Cardiff based on points (unless Cardiff outscores them by 157 points) for a spot.  Cardiff can claim a spot by winning vs NGC AND outscoring the Greece-Scotland winner, OR by winning AND outscoring a losing Killerwhale team by at least 34 points.  NGC can get in with a win AND a Venice loss AND preserving their points lead on the Whales.

mexico city warriorsIn the West Division, the Mexico City Warriors are the only team to have clinched the playoffs.  They will face the VooDoo, who must win in week 13 for a championship rematch in week 14/15.  If the VooDoo lose, Seattle will get the second seat with a win over Charlston.  Should New Orleans AND Seattle BOTH lose, Perth could get in with a win over Venice.  If all 3 teams lose, the VooDoo would claim the seat through the back door.
Almost every match-up in week 13 will decide the playoff picture as the 2015 regular season come to an exciting close.