Points Race Eliminations for Week 12

PR-O logoIt was not a good week for Coach crash as he has the unfortunate honor of being the team owner of the team eliminated in both the Open and the Invitational Points Race Tournaments.  The Atomic Frog Race Team in the PR-O could not match the week 12 points output of the Thunderbolt Grease Slappers and become the 7th team eliminated this year, with a final points total of 1152.43  Their eliminated players include such tasty scraps for the remaining teams as QB’s Dalton, Brees, and Fitzpatrick; RB’s McFadden, Ivory, Latavius Murray, and D-Will; pass-catchers ODB, Fitzgerald, Rishard Matthews, Demaryious Thomas, and Tyler Eifert; and even the stud defenses of Arizona and Denver, all released to waivers for the remaining teams to gobble up like Thanksgiving leftovers.
PR-I LogoIn the PR-I, it’s been a thrilling ride for Behind the 8 Ball.  Faced with elimination for 7 straight weeks, 8 ball survived each time, riding a wave just ahead of last place that allowed them to consistently secure the #1 waiver priority.  That ended in week 11 when they failed to best 4th down and Inches.  They did, however, force a statutory tie, which meant no team was eliminated, but a double elimination was scheduled for week 12. This week, 4th and Inches managed to force their own statutory tie with WATTchMe JJ, coming within 4.49 points of Coach Sonya’s season total, but 8 Ball came up just 0.25 points short of joining in with that tie and forcing a week 13 triple elimination. 8 Ball finishes their season with 1227.57 total points, and release a treasure of studs into free agency, including Carson Palmer, Lamar Miller, Odel Beckham, Randall Cobb, Deandre Hopkins, Jarvis Landry, and Antonio Gates.