Points Race Eliminations For Week 11

PR-O logoAfter finishing Week 10 with a statutory tie and a margin of only a difference of 1.03 points on the season, in the PR-Open, both the British Bulldogs and Emerica Mustangs battled it out this week in a double elimination.  Both teams would have had to catch either the Frogs or the Venom to survive.  The two finished the week separated by a weekly score with just .07 points difference, and end the season with a difference of just 3.15 points.  The Bulldogs finish in 8th place, with a season total of 985.05; the Mustangs finish 7th overall, with a points total of 988.20.  With only 6 teams left, the double elimination has flooded the waiver wire with talent, including: Demarco murray, DeAngelo Williams, DeVonta Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, Latavious Murray, Eddie Lacy, Mike Evans, Rishard Matthews, Odell Beckham, Randall Cobb, Deandre Hopkins,  Greg Olsen, Gary Barnidge, and even the Cardinals and Giants Defenses.  It’s going to be a mad scramble.

PR-I LogoAmazingly, in the Points Race – Invitational, we have another statutory tie.  Last weeks statistical dead heat in the Open, was the first time ever the double elimination rule has had to have been used, and now wee have one in the Invitational.  Last place, and up for elimination for the 5th straight week, Behind The 8 Ball Again managed to cover the points spread a come to within 1.12 season points of 4th Down and Inches, forcing a stay of execution.  There will be a double elimination next week.  Currently in 7th and 6th place, 8 ball and 4th Down will have to close the gap with 5th place High Seas Mafia, which is about a 75 point gap.