SECOND UPDATE: Additional stat corrections have come in changing the outcome of this game once again, Birds of Prey are no longer undefeated, with the final score now standing at 177-175, Indy.

UPDATE: thanks to a stat correction, Birds of Prey’s week 11 loss was overturned, giving them a 1 point victory and a win-streak that’s still alive at 18 straight regular season games

17In the S-16, the Birds of Prey fall to the Indy-structibles 174-178, ending a 17 game regular season win-streak.  The Falcon franchise had not lost a game since week 6 of 2014.  They have beaten their division rivals 9 times in that same span.  This week’s score is close enough, even, that a stat correction could reverse it to keep the streak alive, but untill then, The Colts squad deserves all the credit for shooting the Birds out of the sky after 17 of us tried.

lionsIn the Week 11 Game of the Week, Motor City unleashed all the horses, defeating 1 Eye and clinching the North Division Title.  The Kitties will be playing in Week 14 regardless of the outcome of their final 2 games, although their seeding is still TBD, but a rematch with the Raider is a likely scenario.
1 Eye Til I Die falls back to second place in the West, by half a game with a 7-3-1 record, as Arizona advances to 8-3-0 after defeating Los Angeles.  San Francisco was screwed by Marshawn Lynch once more, as the BowMen drop to 7-4-0  in their upset loss to The Eagle.  The loss puts the BowMen out of the division race, but they control their own destiny for the wild card – they face the Firebirds in Week 12.  The Division cannot be mathematically clinched until week 13.
Birds of Prey have clinched a first round bye, and can clinch the #1 seed with a week 12 victory.
Ice Cold Bruschis must win out OR have Arizona lose one to secure a first round bye, and can still reach the #1 seed
dolphins and saintsStill in the running for a wild card:
Northern Fins and
Karma and A Kicker Who Dats
How they get in:  They must each win in Week 12; BowMen OR 1 Eye must lose in Week 12 AND 13; AND the winner of the Fins and Who Dats week 7 match-up, would snag the 6th seed.
Week 12 Game of the Week:
Firebirds vs BowMen, Fins’ vs Jawbreakers, Who Dats vs Foster Kids….all big games, but I’m not even going to put a poll up, this week’s match is more game of the season than game of the week…look for the update wednesday.