Public Enemy Continues To Dominate LoD

LoD League LogoThe latest stats compilations have been released for the Legion of Defense, current through Week 10, and once again, AF newcomer Public Enemy of the LoD Pro Division is at the tip of the spear.  coming in at number one for the season in both the sack and interception categories.  Not only do the Enemies lead those two defensive benchmarks, but their dominance of the league extends into the standings where they lead across all three of the league’s tiered divisions.  Currently, Public Enemy boasts an 8-2 record, but, even more impressively, they’ve amassed a season points total of 617.50 which puts them over a hundred points ahead of the Premier Division leader and LoD veteran Sacks Fifth Avenue (7-3, 503.00).  Public Enemy will finish out the last two weeks of the season vs Gates of Delirium in Week 11, and then against the 7-3 Insane Clowney Posse for the season finale.

panthersAlso notable in these most recent stat updates is Reserve Division leader Panther on the Prowl, who, over the past two weeks has jetted up both stat lists to come in just below Public Enemy.  The Panthers have posted a 7-3 record so far this season and are ahead in the standings of division rival jim loves defense by only a 21 point total points advantage.

Sacks Fifth AvenueSacks Fifth Avenue has clinched the Premier Division Championship and a slot in the Championship Tournament, but the other playoff slots are still up for grabs heading into the final two weeks of the regular season.


Sack Totals through Week 10

Public Enemy 34.5
Panthers on the prowl 25
Insane Clowney Posse 24.5
jim loves defense 24.5
Sacks Fifth Avenue 23
Mighty Pats 21.5
Chinese Bandits 17.5
Battering Rams 17.5
49ers 15.5
Htown99 14
The Gates of Delirium 13.5
Cheifs 9.5

Interception Totals through Week 10

Public Enemy 14
Panther on the prowl 9
Sacks Fifth Avenue 8
Chiefs 8
49ers 7
Chinese Bandits 6
Mighty Pats 5
The Gates of Delirium 5
Insane Clowney Posse 5
jim loves defense 5
Battering Rams 3
Htown99 2