Points race Eliminations For Week 10

PR-I LogoIn the Points Race Invitational, Behind The 8 Ball avoided elimination for the 5th week in a row, this time overcoming a 50 point deficit to overtake TigersontheProwl in the race to stay out of last place.  The 2014 PR-I champion and all time PR-I points leader, TigersontheProwl came up roughly 20 points shy of avoiding elimination, finishing their 2015 run with a season total of 937.78 points.  Their players released to waivers for the remaining tournament teams include Doug Martin, Marshawn Lynch, Darren McFadden, Demaryous Thomas, Amari Cooper, and Antonio Gates, along with the Patriots’ and Cardinals’ defenses.  Behind the 8 Ball Again remains on the chopping block for Week 11, needing about 35 points to pass the 6th place team and dodge the bullet once more.


PR-O logoIn the Points Race Open, we have an interesting turn of events. Week 10’s last place team, the Mustangs, closed the gap and surpassed the Bulldog’s season points total, but the points margin between the two now stands at only a 1.08 point difference – the first ever statutory tie in tournament history. Tournament rules state: “For the purposes of the last place teams and eliminations, to contend with the possibility of stat corrections, any time the season points total of the last and second to last place teams are within 10 points of each other, it will be considered to be a statistical tie”  So, no team will be eliminated this week, but two will be on the chopping block for next week, and once eleiminated, both of their rosters will be released onto waivers.  Currently the two last place teams are the Mustangs and the Bulldogs, but, the Atomic Frog Race Team is only about 20 points ahead of them, and the Leipzig Venom is only 20 points ahead of that.  Both teams are immenently catchable.