Points Race Eliminations For Week 9

PR-O logoThe Trojborg Tuskers were eliminated as the l;ast place team in the Points Race – Open after nine weeks of play, finishing with a final points total of 755.14  The finish left them about 25 p[oints short of the 8th place team.  Their roster, released onto waivers included 3 quarterbacks (Luck, Wilson, and the Brother Eli) along with Jeremy Hill and LeGarrette Blount.  The players released also include a wealth of stud pass catchers, including Eifert and Edelman, Fitzgerald, A.J. Green, and Antonio Brown.  The 3 last place teams now – the Mustangs, Bulldogs, and Venom – are seperated by only about 18 points so week 10 should prove to be exciting for two out of three of them.



PR-I LogoIn the Points Race Invitational, Behind The 8 Ball Again survived elimination once more, overcoming the season points total of Ground and Pound who found themselves in last place once the dust settled on Week 9.  ground and Pound finished the tournament with a season points total of 786.43, about 20 points short of moving oput of last place.  Their roster, released to waivers includes such gems as Matt Ryan, Randall Cobb, Edelman, and Olsen.  Behind The 8 Ball Again will need a fantasy miracle to survive eliminations in Week 10, as they currently sit in 8th place, over 50 points back from the 7th place team, which means they’ll have to outscore one of AF’s winningest coaches, Coach Roger’s TigersontheProwl by more than 50 points this week.


The starting position of RB3 was added to rosters in both tournaments this week, and QB2 will be added for Week 11.