NGC Scores League High Two Weeks In Row

IFFL solo logoTaking the league’s high score in the IFFL for the second consecutive week, the NGC Galaxy burried Seattle 291-161, with the triple threat of DeAngelo Williams, Drew Brees, and Andy Dalton leading the charge. Combining for 168.00 points, that threesome alone eclipsed the total of Seattle Stealyourface. Williams rushed for 170 yards, registering 67.00 points (170 Rsh Yds, 55 Rec Yds, 1 2PT, 2 TD). Meanwhile, Brees came through with 387 passing yards (57.00 points) and Dalton passed for three touchdowns (44.00 points). Williams also recorded the second-highest point total in the league this week, with Brees tallying the third-highest point total in the league this week.

The Galaxy posted the highest score so far in the league this year, as well as the third-largest margin of victory. NGC Galaxy (5-4, 1,862.00 points) climbs into fourth place, while Seattle Stealyourface (3-6, 1,292.00 points) stays in ninth place.

In Week 10, NGC Galaxy matches up against Greek Wonders (5-4, 1,658.00). Seattle Stealyourface gets Mexico City Warriors (6-3, 1,906.00), who has averaged a league-leading 211.78 points this season.