Public Enemy Tops Sack and INT Totals Through Week 8

public enemy logoIn the Legion of Defense, AF’s exclusive all IDP league, Public Enemy of the Pro Division tops both the Sack and Interception stat totals updated through Week 8.  Public Enemy has recorded a team total of 12 IDP interceptions and 25 team total IDP Sacks.  They are currently #1 in their Group and in the overall standings.

Below are the LoD sack totals updated through week 8.

Public Enemy 25
Insane Clowney Posse 22.5
jim loves defense 20.5
Sacks Fifth Avenue 20
Panthers on the prowl 20
Mighty Pats 18
Chinese Bandits 16.5
Battering Rams 13.5
49ers 11.5
The Gates of Delirium 11
Htown99 10
Cheifs 9.5


Below are the Interception totals updated through week 8

Public Enemy 12
Chiefs 7
49ers 6
Panther on the prowl 6
Sacks Fifth Avenue 6
The Gates of Delirium 5
Insane Clowney Posse 5
Mighty Pats 4
jim loves defense 4
Chinese Bandits 3
Battering Rams 3
Htown99 2