Whales beat Warriors

IFFL solo logoIn the IFFL, the Venice Killerwhales (#2) recorded the second-highest point total this week and got past Mexico City Warriors (#1) 236.00 to 210.00. The Killerwhales took a 6.00-point lead on Thursday and remained in front for the rest of the matchup. Venice has now won four straight matchups. Doug Martin (acquired via free agency in Week 5) made a big impact, posting 39.00 points.

Forsett had plenty of opportunities for the Mexico City Warriors, but could only manage 44 total yards on 15 touches.  The Venice Killerwhales were on a different level in todd gurlythe backfield, as they started two of the league’s top-10 overall RBs this week (including Gurley, who was in the top five). The leading scorer for Venice Killerwhales has flip-flopped the last few matches. DeAndre Hopkins led the team with 26.00 points in Week 4 and 40.00 points weeks, while Gurley led the way in Week 5 (with 38.00 points) and then again this week.

The Whales (5-2, 1,441.00 points), though,  remain in second place and the Mexico City Warriors (5-2, 1,496.00 points) stays in first place.  In Week 8, Venice Killerwhales matches up against the last-place team in the league, Charlestons Franchise Playerz (2-5, 1,012.00). Mexico City Warriors takes on Cardiff Crusaders (5-2, 1,333.00).