PR-I and PR-O Eliminations Begin

Eliminations began this week in AF’s Points Race Open and Invitational Tournaments.  This week, and then every week now through to the end, the last place teams by total points will be eliminated untill only the Champion remains.

fleet coloursIn the Open Tournament, newcomer Fleet Colours was the first to go down, finishing with a point total of 366.58

In the Invitational, veteran competitor Luniz becomes the first team out with a final total of 391.09  Luniz competed in both the 2013 and 2014 tournaments, finishing much better, at Luniz3rd and 5th respectively.  The silver lining for Luniz is that as the first team eliminated in the Invitational version of the PR tourney, they receive an automatic entry for the 2016 Tournament.

The teams’ rosters have been cleared and their players picked up through waivers by the remaining teams in the two tournaments.  Coincidentally, both teams shared a number of players who have all performed much more poorly than expected, including Drew Brees, Odell beckham Jr, Andre Johnson, and the Texans defense.