A Drag Race To Eliminations

The first eliminations are only 1 week away in AF’s Points Race – Open and Points Race – Invitational Tournaments.  Beginning next Tuesday, at the start of Week 7, the last place team by total points in each tournament will be eliminated 1 per week until only one team remains.

PR-O 2014In the PR-O, there’s about a hundred point difference in total points between the 5 last teams, and this week there was about a 90 point differential between the higest and lowest scores, so theoretically, any of the bottom 5 could all be in danger of elimination.  Those teams in danger of being eliminated are:  Fleet Colours (303.96), Go Ahead Make My Day (380.20), Trojborg Tuskers (389.03), British Bulldogs (394.29), and Emerica Mustangs (406.09) – the Bulldogs are the only Tournament veteran among the group.



PR-I 2013In the PR – Invitational, it’s the bottom four teams that are seperated by about 60 points, and the differential between highest and lowest score last week was also about 60 points…so theoretically, all of those teams are in danger of elimination.  Those teams are:  Luniz (332.110), Behind The 8 Ball Again (361.46), Wildcats (365.91), and Team 13 (388.92).