Fantasy Circus Holds Draft

football clownIt was a big night for AF’s Fantasy Circus, draft night for their inaugural season.  It was Sunday night, stretching into the wee hours of Monday morning, 16 teams gathered under the big top for a massive auction draft.  In what started out as a sprint, but certainly finished as a marathon – lasting just over 5 hours – teams bid and counter bid and talked lots and LOTS of trash talk as they assembled the casts of their freak shows for the debut of this new Associated Fantasy league.  You can check out a recap of the action here.

The Fantasy Circus is an all-new concept league from AF.  It starts with 16 teams and the massive auction draft.  Scoring is AF Milestone, and rosters are AF Express with AF IDP3.  Teams come out of the auction with only their starters, with bench spots added later.  Teams have a WAB budget that starts at 0 (or whatever they have left of their 200 draft budget), and then each week, their weekly score is added to their WAB.  After week 7, half of the teams are eliminated!  Yes, that’s right, eliminated, and their players hit the waiver wire, followed by a mad scramble of bids from the teams that survive, with whatever waiver budget points they’ve manged to accrue.  After week 14, the field is cut in half again….and yes, those eliminated teams’ players are released onto waivers also.  The final 3 weeks are a round robin tournament between the 4 surviving teams with the winner being crowned Season Ringmaster.

If it sounds as crazy as you think it sounds, then you’re right; it’s no wonder this league is billed as “The Greatest League On Earth”.  You can check out all the details on the league’s home page and go to the league registry page to get yourself on the waiting list to get in next year – since it’s a brand new league, there’s a good chance there will be some open slots next season, get your name in now, high up on the list.