LoD Holds Draft Lottery – Panthers Win #1

LoD logo sans shieldAfter being postponed for the past two weeks while waiting for all slots to fill, the Legion of Defense held their annual Draft Lottery through fftoolbox.com late Saturday night and into Sunday morning, and new franchise, Panther on the Prowl scored the #1 overall pick.

Full details for the LoD draft lottery can be found in the LoD League Rules, but the way it works is simple:  the 8 teams from the Pro and Reserve Divisions are grouped together and 4 of those 8 teams are drawn by computer randomization; those 4 teams are then grouped with the four teams of the Premier Division in a new group of 8 teams.  From that group, 5 teams are drawn by computer randomization to produce the first 5 picks of the draft.  The remaining 7 picks are awarded based on league rules of prior season total points and/or order of replacement.  Amazingly, for the 2015 lottery, despite the edge Premier Division teams get in the draw, they were almost shut out of the top 5, with only Sacks Fifth Avenue one of the two Provisional teams in this year’s Premeir Division, making it in with draft position #4.

The full draft order for the 2015 Legion of Defense draft is as follows.  The draft is set to take place Sunday, 8/23 at high noon (EDT).


  1. Panther on the prowl
  2. 49ers
  3. Public Enemy
  4. Sacks Fifth Avenue
  5. jim loves defense
  6. Battering Rams
  7. Mighty Pats
  8. Chinese Bandits
  9. The Gates of Delirium
  10. Insane Clowney Posse
  11. Htown99
  12. Cheifs