The Dixie League Steps Up To Bat

Dixie League At BatWith the new league tagline: “Fantasy Football that feels like the golden age of minor league baseball,” The Dixie League, first established in 2012, has been re-established and reformatted into a new and unique FF League.  Using the AF Century and Canton scoring settings, and a custom 9 position starting roster, The Dixie is back and ready to make a splash.  A $25 entry fee has been set to insure serious entrants, as 2015 will be a first year dynasty format for the league.  The entry fee gets you a 1 in 6 shot at $100 payout, and a 1 in 6 over 2 shot at $200!  More importantly though, is that dynasty format itself, it’s a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a start-up keeper league with AF’s proven track record of league mangement.  Visit the League Page here for more info, and if you have questions, or are ready to sign up, you can do that at the League Registry here


The entry fee and dynasty settings have been waived for the 2015 season of the Dixie League, with a clause placed into the league rules that any off-season with an 80% team return rate will trigger the dynasty format and pay to play rules.  As such, the Dixie now is a great opportunity to take the league out for a test drive.