Come One, Come All

football clownThe circus has come to town – AF’s Fantasy Circus!  Being billed as the “Greatest Fantasy League on Earth” the Fantasy Circus is free and now open to the public, featuring a field of 16 teams with AF Express rosters.  Managing your team will be the key to success in this league, as things get kicked off with an auction draft, followed by WAB budgets to pluck talent from the waiver wire…but the twist?  Your Waiver Auction Budget accrues budget points based on your fantasy score – the more points you score on Sunday, the more you have to wager on talent.  The twists don’t stop there, as, in order to make it to the top, you’ll have to survive two rounds of eliminations in which the players from the eliminated teams get released onto the market creating a frenzy for those teams that survive.  More info on the league can be found here and you can register for the league by going to the league registry here