Welcome To The Weblaunch of Associated Fantasy.com

Untitled2Some call fantasy football a game; some even call it a sport; to many, it is an obsession.  To those who don’t play it, it will always be an enigma, and to wives and girlfirends, fantasy widows, it is a stupid little waste that we all invest far too much time, money, and energy into.  But to some of us, it is far more than any of that.  To us, fantasy football is a chance to excercise our dominance over another competitor, a chance to kick and claw our way through the field of our football fan peers, and scratching, biting, and sucker punching our way to the top of the mountain where we can stand, arms raised atop the mountain of dashed hopes of every other member of our league.

Welcome to Associated Fantasy, where we know, fantasy football is not a matter of life and death; it is far, far more important than that.  At AF, we’re joining multiple leagues together, forming a federation of fantasy competition in the same way the NCAA joins the different college football conferences.  Here at AF, you’ll not only have the chance to prove yourself dominant over your own league, but will be able to establish cross league rivalries and be able to measure your fantasy coaching skills against a much larger field than any one league provides.We are very much still under construction, and racing to be ready for the 2015 season.  But we’re also ready to debut.  So come in and grow with us,  take a look around, see what there is to see, but come back again soon and often as more is being added each day.  Associated Fantasy plans to be able to offer more leagues, more tournaments, more competition; we are planning stats, standings, rankings, and more that will cross league bounderies and give fantasy coaches a way to compete that they’ve never had before.